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About Our Business

Janowski Homestead Hostas is a family-run hosta business located in South Milwaukee, WI. We are available by appointment in our gardens by calling 414-762-8929. We also feature open sales weekends throughout the growing season. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for further information. 

Come and take comfort in the beauty of nature.

"We come from the earth, we return to the earth,

and in between we garden." -Alfred Austin.

"We learn from our garden to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?" -Wendell Berry

Great plants and very knowledgable. Their garden is drop dead gorgeous.

Christine Walker- Client

Crazy Beautiful !!! They offer so many brilliant types of Hostas !!! Was NOT expecting that! Just Lovely for sure and great pricing!

Amy Charbinneau- Client

I didn't even know this existed in my area. If you like hostas, stop in and check them out!

Anne Spaeth- Client

Blue Ribbon Organics

People often ask us about soil and compost for their gardens. We get all our compost from Blue Ribbon Organics! Not only do they have awesome compost and topsoil, they custom mix our proprietary potting soil recipe. You can check them out at

or give them a call at 262-497-8539.


Upcoming Events

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